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Queer Guys of Color Talk Racism in Denver’s Hookup Community

“I’m just not into black colored dudes.”

They are only some samples of the racism that exists inside the LGBTQ community and tend to be significantly more typical than many think. In accordance with the LGBTQ charity Stonewall and YouGov, 50 % of LGBTQ people of color have observed discrimination or bad therapy from other people within their regional, queer community due to their ethnicity.

The study of LGBTQ folks found that while nearly 32 per cent of LGBTQ people have skilled some kind of discrimination, that number rises to 51 per cent if you are black colored, Latino, Asian, or are part of another minority that is ethnic. One more three away from five black colored, LGBT individuals stated which they had skilled prejudice due to their ethnicity.

These prejudices result in online dating sites since well. In accordance with data released by OkCupid, white, homosexual guys react to communications off their white men 44 per cent of that time period but react only 37.3 % of times to males of color. Continue Reading →