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WHEN once I worked at a tabloid magazine, an editor endured up within the newsroom

And shouted: “Stop the presses! Often men and women have sex! And quite often they have even intercourse with individuals they’re perhaps maybe maybe not married to! ”

Snarkiness apart, he previously a true point: if cheating is really so typical (research sets it at 40 to 76 per cent of marriages), what makes we so amazed and scandalized by it? Why don’t we talk more realistically about how exactly in order to avoid it, or also to even try out the basic proven fact that perhaps there may be a way for this become safe?

Some married friends of mine have a no-tell policy. They’re fundamentally monogamous but have actually an “if you cheat, please don’t tell me” guideline. Several of those close buddies have experienced affairs they intend on taking for their graves. Other partners we understand have experienced flings after which confessed without imploding their marriages. Those types of that did split, it had been typically simply because they had lost touch with one another, and affairs had been one outcome.

“Infidelity does not kill a relationship, ” a specialist explained. “Indifference does. ”

Needless to say, infidelity can cause indifference, since it distracts you against your lover.

That’s why, green light or no, extramarital flirting can be stupid, unpredictable and cruel. Continue Reading →