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7 Things We Discovered From Dating A Mexican Guy

There’s something funny and lovable about Mexicans. Their precious smiles, gentlemanly ways, and great humor are only a little bit of their adorable, outbound character. Before he’ll be your someone special or significant other, he’ll be your buddy first. Even with the relationship has ended, he can nevertheless stay buddy for your requirements.

They state that the foreigners that Filipinos can connect probably the most are Mexicans. We share nearly the past that is same having had the same colonizer for nearly equal quantity of 300 years time. With being both previous Spanish colonies, we share nearly the exact same tradition and traditions. Celebrating festivals in honor of y our holy patron saints, honoring household values, being spiritual and dominantly Catholic are of this methods that individuals can link and relate solely to.

With regards to cuisine, we likewise have an ample examples among others such as for instance tamales, adobo, caldereta which have a striking similarity with theirs. Even though they differ when it comes to cooking technique or the fillings utilized. We can’t additionally negate that there are tens and thousands of Spanish terms that Filipinos figure out how to incorporate in Tagalog notwithstanding that the definitions may have changed through the years.

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