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Albanialevel 3: Reconsider Travel

For example, one good review per day generated extra visitors up to 2.5 times their number of community followers per month. The only factor identified as more important than reviews was price, with 38% of consumers identifying online prices and special offers as the factor most likely to make them book a holiday online. When it comes down to making the decision to book online, a positive review is almost as influential as price or special offers. So, rather than reducing prices – showing reviews on your site can be equally as powerful at increasing conversions. We researched the travel industry and beyond to bring you a collection of figures to help you convince your management team that reviews are the next thing your website needs.

You can trust Responsible Travel reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the holidays. In addition, we don’t run these holidays ourselves – our only interest is giving you the best independent advice.

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Like it or not, reviews are positively influencing the volume of bookings and if you don’t jump on board, you will be left behind. Research by Reevoo also points out the importance for organisations to be wary of not sensoring all the negative reviews as 70% of people trust reviews more when they can see bad reviews as well as good. The more relevant and appropriate the reviews included on your website are to the potential customer, the greater the influence is on the booking process. Travel organisations that really want to make the most of their customer reviews now and in the future, will be those that consider how to make them relevant for each online visitor. Travel companies that regularly share reviews with their Facebook page see an increase in traffic back to their company website.

I found someone who is a stellar addition to the team and who is helping me up-level our game. I’m building our team remotely, because people who love working on travel… love traveling! The monetary downsides of the business (at least the way it’s set up now) are that margins are low and cash flow cycles in slowly. Many of my clients are booking trips well into 2020 and looking at 2021 now. Most of our income even if earned, won’t flow through until after they travel.

Respond in a professional and timely manner to every review, both the positive and negative ones. It will show your potential customers that you care about your customer’s experiences and especially about improving your services. 40% did not include any reviews – This highlights that there are many travel organisations that still haven’t taken advantage of the increased conversion reviews can bring.

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Research various destinations and means of travel regarding prices, customs, reviews etc. My time is best spent on client service and using my expertise, not formatting documents.

That means that year one of this business is a cash flow investment even if you’re killing it in bookings. I thought I was going to be planning all these exotic trips to Uzbekistan, Mongolia, off the beaten path spots in Latin America and to all the places I’ve discovered and loved.