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This report examines American teenagers’ electronic practices that are romantic

From flirting to splitting up, social networking and smart phones are woven into teenagers’ romantic lives

Adolescence is an occasion of extremely real, social and psychological development, and peer relationships – specially romantic people – are a significant social focus for several youth. Knowing the part social and media that are digital during these intimate relationships is crucial, provided exactly how profoundly enmeshed these technology tools come in everyday lives of US youth and exactly how quickly these platforms and devices modification.

This research reveals that the electronic world is one section of a wider world by which teenagers meet, date and split up with intimate lovers. On the web areas are employed infrequently for fulfilling intimate lovers, but perform a major role in how teenagers flirt, woo and keep in touch with prospective and present flames.

It covers the outcomes of a nationwide Pew Research Center study of teenagers many years 13 to 17; through the report, the phrase “teens” refers to those who work for the reason that age group, unless otherwise specified. Continue Reading →