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Individual legal rights would be the fundamental legal rights of any being that is human irrespective of culture or societal norms.

Egregious peoples liberties abuses against LGBT individuals carry on. Two current examples highlight the nature of this abuses and their effect.

The brutal murder of lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy at work of the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association happened only some months after she provided a speech that is impassioned the UN Commission on Human Rights in 2004. 52 the next quotations paraphrase her message concerning the hazards that LGBT people face in Sierra Leone and throughout Africa. 53 She first chatted concerning the usage of “culture, tradition, faith, and societal norms to deny our existence,” giving “a message that tolerates discrimination, physical violence, and general indignity.” She next chatted concerning the constant fear experienced by LGBT people, “… fear of this authorities and officials because of the capacity to arrest and detain us mainly because of our sexual orientation … fear that our families will disown us … we face constant harassment and physical violence from next-door neighbors as well as others while the … homophobic attacks get unpunished by authorities.that we will be forced away from our family homes … with nowhere else to get, and therefore become homeless, do not have meals, and turn to intercourse work with purchase to endure … fear in your communities, where”

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