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For Mary, her asexuality feels closer to something she considers “grey sexuality.”

“Grey sex for me personally ensures that we very seldom experience intimate attraction,” she describes. “I believe I do feel attraction, however it is both really unusual, and extremely delicate. It will just flicker like a lightbulb getting brief circuited. We believe it is embarrassing to state ‘I have always been grey sexual’ to individuals, however, as it is like it is super-specific, so frequently saying, ‘asexual’ communicates better.”

Struggles Asexual People Face

Being asexual in a society that expects people to naturally experience desire that is sexual be confusing, irritating, and frequently profoundly emotionally painful.

For example, it could make dating a complete lot trickier.

“i am perhaps not aromantic, but we still have trouble with dating because individuals frequently conflate particular intimate functions with intimate attraction for me,” explains Rachel. “Nothing is sexual in my experience, i recently do the thing that makes me feel well. I will willingly consent to intimate tasks since We seldom have actually asexual lovers but that does not replace the undeniable fact that I do not experience intimate attraction.”

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